Cell Phone Triggered Camera

Using littleBits and a digital camera, makers can create a hacktivist surveillance device triggered by a computer or cell phone. This kit incorporates prototyping with littleBits, littleBits Cloud Control, and can be extended to include basic coding through IFTTT. Each kit supports 1-4 makers.


High School


littleBits p1 power usb cable
littleBits p3 usb power littleBits screwdriver
littleBits i3 button littleBits battery cable
littleBits o14 bright led 9v battery
littleBits 011 servo littleBits mounting board (x2)
littleBits  w1 wire (x2) sissors
littleBits w11 wireless receiver AAA batteries (x3)
littleBits w12 wireless transmitter digital camera
littleBits w20 cloud electrical tape
AC adapter  instruction cards


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